Wendy M (wendymc) wrote,
Wendy M


Brrrr! It's been chilly lately! And yet, I'm somehow finding myslf thinking about gardening....

I haven't so much as LOOKED at most of my yard and garden areas in months, so they will no doubt need some serious tending. I'm going to try something different with the veggie plot next time, the zucchinis overtook the whole thing, leaving the carrots and peppers no room to grow, and killing the melon. I'd like to try and grow a couple pumpkins as well.

We have a large area in front of the house that is filled with random stuff, some of which I've cleared out. There is still a rather large bonsai-looking shrub I'm itching to remove. If I do, I can fill the whole thing with hundreds of carnations. I love carnations, so I think it would be fantastic to have a whole bed stuffed with them.

But it's too cold (and I'm too busy) to do much about it all now. I'm just thinking and planning......

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