Wendy M (wendymc) wrote,
Wendy M


- I am way behind on christmas shopping. We returned Teagan's main gift so I need to replace that, plus the stockings are a little bare yet. My brother's gift isn't done, and I have nothing for Magnus yet. Eep!

- Some friends got together and had a christmas party at the rec centre, and invited all of us. It was so much fun and good to see some kids we hadn't seen in a while! (It went so well we're thinking Teagan's birthday might be done at the same place!)

- our christmas portraits should be in today!!

- I made the BEST bran muffins last night. I had been remembering the ones my mom used to make growing up, so I bought the same boxed bran and used the recipe on the box. (veganized, of course) They are PERFECT! Just as good as I remember, if not better. I added blueberries to most of mine, which was a nice addition.

- My coworker just gifted me with a lovely mini poinsettia and little milk carafe thing. So nice!

- I'm still fighting this damn cold, though it's moved into my throat and chest.

- I have tons of plans for the week: costco trip, knitting christmas potluck, dinner out with friends, Magnus' work dinner out.

- Busy week at work - better get at it!

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