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Shoe Lust

I really, REALLY like the look of these boots:
Off Limits Crinkle Patent Boot

I tried them on today and they fit, very nicely, WITH my orthodics in. They're comfy, cute (I think so) and they're on for $39.99 right now. The only problem? I have nothing to wear with them. I'd need to buy a couple fall/winter skirts to go with them. Not that this is a problem that couldn't be fixed with some shopping, it just really tries my frugal sensibilities to buy shoes, and then need to buy clothes to go with them!!
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Educational Technology....

As we count down the days to the DE Conference, Walls Optional, that we're hosting tomorrow, I've been thinking about my experiences with Educational Technology. I really couldn't come up with many examples of it in my schooling, good or bad. I had to think back about 20 years for a really good example.

When I was in grade 4 our class did something called "Hour Town" each week, which was a recorded program of news, weather and advertisements. It was so exciting to get the different jobs to do, and participate in the program. And so frightening for people like me to get in front of the camera! Looking back, I can see that we learned so much, and it was much more interesting and motivating to learn about the science of weather, different cloud types, and temperature conversions, when it was to the goal of making a good weather report. We found interesting and relevant current events to summarize, and learned much more about the world around us, and geography, without even knowing it. The advertisements were an opportunity to develop creativity, and learn about how to use the camera and create sound effects.

Today, it would be easy to put something like that together, as the technology has advanced so much. An elementary school student with a decent camera phone could likely create something as good as the end product we were left with. But this instructor saw the value in this teaching method, and put forth the effort and time required to teach us in a different way. The technology made it better, and for that, I thank him.

Simple Pleasures...

I'm planning the menu and grocery list for tomorrow, and sipping tea, while Argen and Teagan play Polly Pockets in front of me. They're playing nicely together, sharing, and being incredibly cute. (Teagan is making up elabourate storylines for the dolls, and Argen is trying to put the tiny clothes and hats on himself)

*happy sigh*


Brrrr! It's been chilly lately! And yet, I'm somehow finding myslf thinking about gardening....

I haven't so much as LOOKED at most of my yard and garden areas in months, so they will no doubt need some serious tending. I'm going to try something different with the veggie plot next time, the zucchinis overtook the whole thing, leaving the carrots and peppers no room to grow, and killing the melon. I'd like to try and grow a couple pumpkins as well.

We have a large area in front of the house that is filled with random stuff, some of which I've cleared out. There is still a rather large bonsai-looking shrub I'm itching to remove. If I do, I can fill the whole thing with hundreds of carnations. I love carnations, so I think it would be fantastic to have a whole bed stuffed with them.

But it's too cold (and I'm too busy) to do much about it all now. I'm just thinking and planning......


- I am way behind on christmas shopping. We returned Teagan's main gift so I need to replace that, plus the stockings are a little bare yet. My brother's gift isn't done, and I have nothing for Magnus yet. Eep!

- Some friends got together and had a christmas party at the rec centre, and invited all of us. It was so much fun and good to see some kids we hadn't seen in a while! (It went so well we're thinking Teagan's birthday might be done at the same place!)

- our christmas portraits should be in today!!

- I made the BEST bran muffins last night. I had been remembering the ones my mom used to make growing up, so I bought the same boxed bran and used the recipe on the box. (veganized, of course) They are PERFECT! Just as good as I remember, if not better. I added blueberries to most of mine, which was a nice addition.

- My coworker just gifted me with a lovely mini poinsettia and little milk carafe thing. So nice!

- I'm still fighting this damn cold, though it's moved into my throat and chest.

- I have tons of plans for the week: costco trip, knitting christmas potluck, dinner out with friends, Magnus' work dinner out.

- Busy week at work - better get at it!
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I just got the approval for my 2 vacation days. I booked Nov 27th and December 12th off....just for me! I don't know what I'll do yet - maybe some baking, some knitting, most definitely a little shopping each day! I'm really looking forward to the time off, I'll have from about 9am to 4pm totally free, with the car - YAYZ!

I've also got a date night with Magnus tomorrow, to go to dinner and a movie. (Enchanted)
Saturday I have field hockey.
Next week I have a massage, my first vacation day, TWO dinners out with friends, and a visit to Buchart Gardens to see their nighttime lights displays with my family. (courtesy of my sister who works there)

Me time ROCKS!
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Mama's got a brand new Bag!

Magnus got me a new bag on the weekend. He was doing the annual "Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest" through the local dive shop. I have enough trouble carving a pumpkin on land and he has to do it underwater......anyways, he chose his prize from the loot left and got me this awesome bag for work:

It's sturdy but light, a couple pockets, and it's just plain fun with the hawaiian print at the top. My old bag was falling apart, so it was nice timing.